Crocodile Dundee 2

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Crocodile Dundee 2 ★★½ 1988 (PG)

In this sequel Mike Dundee, the loveable rube, returns to his native Australia looking for new adventure, having “conquered” New York City. He finds trouble when Colombian drug lords kidnap his woman (Kozlowski again) and later track the couple to the Australian Outback. Lacks the charm and freshness of the first film. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Stephen (Steve) Root, Jace Alexander, Luis Guzman, Colin Quinn, Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Kenneth Welsh, John Meillon, Ernie Dingo, Juan Fernandez, Charles S. Dutton; D: John Cornell; W: Paul Hogan; C: Russell Boyd; M: Peter Best.

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Crocodile Dundee 2

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