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boast / bōst/ • v. 1. talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities: [with direct speech] Ted used to boast, “I manage ten people” 2. [tr.] (of a person, place, or thing) possess (a feature that is a source of pride): the hotel boasts high standards of comfort. • n. an act of talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction: I said I would score, and it wasn't an idle boast. DERIVATIVES: boast·er n. boast·ing·ly adv. boast2 • n. (in squash) a stroke in which the ball is made to hit one of the sidewalls before hitting the front wall.

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boastboast, coast, ghost, host, most, oast, post, roast, toast •backmost • headmost • leftmost •endmost • midmost • hindmost •rightmost • topmost • foremost •almost • northernmost • downmost •outmost • southernmost • upmost •utmost • rearmost • lowermost •undermost • innermost • uppermost •aftermost •centremost (US centermost) •westernmost • easternmost •bottommost • outermost • uttermost •nethermost • furthermost •lamp post • bedpost • gatepost •Freepost • impost • guidepost •milepost • signpost • doorpost •outpost • goalpost • newel post •fingerpost • sternpost

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1. To cut material, especially stone, to the general form, leaving it for later carving into, say, a capital. Such a form, awaiting fine dressing, is called boasted or bossage.

2. To dress stone with a boaster or drove (a broad chisel): boasted or droved dressings have regular marks like ribands or small chequers; irregular rough dressings are random-tooled or random-droved.

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boast sb. XIII; vb. XIV (in early use both sb. and vb. often denote or imply clamorous or threatening utterance). — AN. bost and *boster, of unkn. orig.

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a number of soldiers, 1486 [15th-century pun on exploits recounted by returning soldiers].

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