Boardman, Sir John

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BOARDMAN, Sir John. British, b. 1927. Genres: Archaeology/Antiquities, Art/Art history, Classics. Career: Lincoln Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford, 1978-94 (Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum, 1955-59; Reader in Classical Archaeology, 1959-78). Fellow, British Academy, 1969-; Co-Ed., Oxford Monographs in Classical Archaeology. Assistant Director, British School at Athens, 1952-55; Ed., Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1958-65. Publications: (trans.) S. Marinatos and M. Hirmer: Crete and Mycenae, 1960; The Cretan Collection in Oxford, 1961; The Greeks Overseas, 1964, rev. ed., 1999; Island Gems, 1963; Greek Art, 1964, rev. ed., 1996; The Date of the Knossos Tablets, 1963; (with J. Hayes) Excavations at Tocra, 2 vols., 1966-73; (with J. Dorig, W. Fuchs, and M. Hirmer) Die Griechische Kunst, 1966; Greek Emporio, 1967; Pre-Classical Style and Civilisation, 1967; Engraved Gems, the Ionides Collection, 1968; Archaic Greek Gems, 1968; Greek Gems and Finger Rings, 1970; (with D.C. Kurtz) Greek Burial Customs, 1971; Athenian Black Figure Vases, 1974; Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Archaic Period, 1975; (with D. Scarisbrick) The Ralph Harari Collection of Finger Rings, 1978; (with E. la Rocca) Eros in Greece, 1978 Greek Sculpture, Archaic Period, 1978; (with M.L. Vollenweider) Catalogue of Gems and Finger Rings, vol. I, 1978; (with M. Robertson) Castle Ashby Corpus Vasorum, 1979; Greek Sculpture, Classical Period, 1985; The Parthenon and Its Sculptures, 1985; Athenian Red Figure Vases: Classical Period, 1989; The Diffusion of Classical Art in Antiquity, 1994; The Great God Pan, 1997; Early Greek Vase Painting, 1999; Persia and the West, 2000; The History of Greek Vases, 2001; The Archaeology of Nostalgia, 2002. EDITOR: (with M. Brown and T. Powell) The European Community in Prehistory, 1971; Oxford History of the Classical World, 1986; Oxford History of Classical Art, 1993. Address: 11 Park St, Wood-stock, Oxon., England.