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barrierbarrier, carrier, farrier, harrier, tarrier •Calabria, Cantabria •Andrea • Kshatriya • Bactria •Amu Darya, aria, Zaria •Alexandria •Ferrier, terrier •destrier •aquaria, area, armamentaria, Bavaria, Bulgaria, caldaria, cineraria, columbaria, filaria, frigidaria, Gran Canaria, herbaria, honoraria, malaria, pulmonaria, rosaria, sacraria, Samaria, solaria, tepidaria, terraria •atria, gematria •Assyria, Illyria, Styria, SyriaLaurier, warrior •hypochondria, mitochondria •Austria •auditoria, ciboria, conservatoria, crematoria, emporia, euphoria, Gloria, moratoria, phantasmagoria, Pretoria, sanatoria, scriptoria, sudatoria, victoria, Vitoria, vomitoria •Maurya •courier, Fourier •currier, furrier, spurrier, worrier •Cumbria, Northumbria, Umbria •Algeria, anterior, bacteria, Bashkiria, cafeteria, criteria, cryptomeria, diphtheria, exterior, hysteria, Iberia, inferior, interior, Liberia, listeria, Nigeria, posterior, Siberia, superior, ulterior, wisteria •Etruria, Liguria, Manchuria, Surya

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bar·ri·er / ˈbarēər/ • n. a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access. ∎  a circumstance or obstacle that prevents communication or that keeps people or things apart: a language barrier. ∎  something that prevents progress or success: the cultural barriers to economic growth. ∎  the starting gate of a racecourse. ∎  (in full barrier island) a long narrow island lying parallel and close to the mainland, protecting the mainland from erosion and storms. PHRASES: break the barrier pass or exceed a significant level or amount: the Tokyo stock exchange reopened to break the 5000-yen barrier.

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barrier A general term that describes a depositional feature standing on the seaward side of a coastline. See barrier bar; barrier beach; barrier island; barrier reef; bayhead barrier; and baymouth barrier.

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barrier General term for a depositional feature standing on the seaward side of a coastline. See BARRIER BAR; BARRIER BEACH; BARRIER ISLAND; BARRIER REEF; BAYHEAD BARRIER; and BAYMOUTH BARRIER.

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1. Fence or material obstruction to bar the advance of persons or objects, or to prevent access.

2. Passage de queue, to break the rush of persons entering, e.g. a theatre.

3. External defence, palisade, or stockade.

4. Gate at which tolls or custom duties were collected.

5. Boundary.

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barrier XIV (bar(r)ere). — AN. barrere, (O)F. barrière, f. *barra BAR1.