Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): Testing Requirements for Entry into Foreign Countries

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): Testing Requirements for Entry into Foreign Countries

December 2006

An increasing number of countries require that foreigners be tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prior to entry. It is usually required as part of a medical exam for long-term visitors, i.e. students and workers. The following list of country requirements is based on information available as of December 2006 and is subject to change. Before traveling abroad, check with the embassy of the country to be visited to learn about entry requirements and specifically whether AIDS testing is a requirement. If the list indicates U.S. test results are acceptable and the word “Yes” appears with an asterisk beside it (Yes*) in a particular country, prospective travelers should inquire at the embassy of that country for details (e.g. which laboratories in the United States may perform tests and where to have results certified and authenticated) before departing the United States.

Country Test Required For U.S. Test Accepted?
AlgeriaResidency permitNo
AngolaAll foreigners applying for work visas and resident permits.Yes
AustraliaAll applicants (15 years of age or older) for permanent residence. Permanent applicants under 15 years of age must be tested if being adopted or has history of blood transfusions. Temporary applicants need to declare any illness/condition at time of interview. Any temporary applicant who is likely to come in contact with blood must be tested.Yes*
BahrainAll foreign citizens (workers, family, etc.) applying for residence permits must submit locally performed medical exams, including HIV tests. Anyone who tested positive is immediately deported.No
BelarusAll persons staying longer than 3 monthsYes
BelizeResidency permitNo
BeninResidency permitNo
British Virgin IslesResidency permitYes
BruneiWork permitsNo
BulgariaAll intending immigrants and foreigners staying longer than 1 month for the purpose of study or work.Yes*
CanadaRoutine HIV testing is required for all applicants who are 15 years of age and over and are seeking entry to Canada for a period longer than 6 months (I.e. students, workers, visitors, those applying for immigration and refugee status, etc.), and resided in a designated country for 6 consecutive months within a 12 month period immediately preceding entry into Canada.Yes*
Central African RepublicAnyone seeking residence, work or student permits must submit to a medical exam (which includes an HIV test)Yes
China, People's Republic ofForeigners planning to stay for more than 6 months (not required for entry or residency in Hong Kong or Macau). Those who are HIV positive are not allowed into China for any purpose.Yes*
Country Test Required For U.S. Test Accepted?
ColombiaEntry is prohibited for HIV positive individuals. HIV positive individuals should request a waiver from a Colombian Embassy.No
ComorosForeigners planning to workYes
CubaForeign students on scholarshipsYes*
CyprusAll foreigners working or studyingNo
DominicaNo HIV testing requirement for standard entry; students, intending immigrants and anyone seeking employment.Yes
Dominican RepublicForeigners planning to reside, study, or workNo
EgyptAll foreigners applying for work, study, or training permit and staying longer than 30 days in requires testing. Dependents are no longer exempt; testing is also a requirement for spouses and children aged 15 or older.Yes*
EritreaMay be required upon entryN/A
FijiPersons staying longer than 6 monthsYes
GreeceOnly persons arriving to work as legal prostitutesYes*
HungaryAnyone staying over 1 year and all intending immigrants. Some employers may require workers to be tested.No
IndiaAll students over 18. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 with a visa valid for 1 year or more. Anyone extending length of stay to a year or more (excluding accredited journalists and those working in foreign missions).Yes*
IraqResidency/exit permitN/A
IsraelLegal foreign workers; Ministry of Interior reserves the right to deny entry to aliens claiming to be HIV positive.N/A
JordanAnyone staying longer than 6 monthsNo
KazakhstanAll visitors staying more then 1 month must present a certificate of an HIV test within 10 days of their arrivalYes*
Korea, Republic ofPersons entering on an E-6 visa to be engaged in performance or entertainment activities at tourist hotels and entertainment placesNo
KuwaitForeigners intending to work or reside (Anyone found to be HIV positive will be deported.)Yes*
LebanonPersons intending to work and maids.No
LithuaniaResidency permits (Migration Dept. reserves right to exclude foreigners who present a public health threat.)Yes
MalaysiaForeign workers (unskilled and semiskilled) undergo a full medical check up (includes HIV) within 1 month of arrival and on yearly basis.No
Country Test Required For U.S. Test Accepted?
Marshall Islands, Republic of theApplicants for residence. US Citizens are exempt from obtaining work permits, but may still require medical clearance (including HIV test) by the Immigration Division upon entry.No
MauritiusForeigners planning to reside or work; testing performed upon arrival.N/A
MoldovaAnyone staying more than 3 monthsYes*
MontserratUniversity students and applicants for work and residencyNo
NigerForeigners seeking to marry national of NigerNo
OmanResidency permitNo
PalauAnyone staying longer than 6 monthsNo
ParaguayApplicants seeking temporary or permanent residency status.No
QatarApplicants seeking residency and anyone staying longer than 30 days, including dependents.No
RussiaApplicants applying for visas valid more than 3 monthsYes*
St. VincentNo HIV testing required for visitors; HIV testing required for applicants seeking temporary and permanent residency visasYes
St. Kitts and NevisResidency permitYes
SamoaAnyone applying for work, study or staying more than 12 months to submit a medical report, which may include an HIV test.Yes*
Saudi ArabiaResidency/work permitsYes*
SeychellesForeigners planning to work must undergo a medical exam, which includes an HIV test, upon arrivalNo
SingaporeEmployment passes, work permits and permanent resident status (except spouses and children of Singapore citizens)No
SlovakiaResidency status (as part of a medical exam).No
South AfricaAll mine workers (irrespective of their positions)Yes*
SyriaAll foreigners (ages 15 to 60 years) staying more than 15 daysNo*
TaiwanAnyone staying over 90 days (Foreigners applying for residency/ work permit must be tested, at a public hospital in Taiwan within three months of application.)No
TajikistanAnyone staying more than 90 daysYes*
TongaAnyone staying longer than 6 monthsNo
TurkeyAny foreigner immigrating or applying for permanent residenceNo
TurkmenistanAll foreigners staying longer than 3 monthsNo
UkraineAll foreigners staying longer than 3 months30 days before arrival
Country Test Required For U.S. Test Accepted?
United Arab EmiratesAnyone applying for residence. Tests are done upon submission of visa applications.No
United KingdomAnyone who does not appear to be in good health may be required to undergo a medical exam (including an HIV test) prior to being granted or denied entryNo
UzbekistanAnyone staying more than 15 days (long-term visitors must renew HIV certificate after the first 3 months in Uzbekistan and annually thereafter) Foreigners applying for permission to work are required to submit the certificate as proof that they are not HIV infected.Yes*
YemenApplicants seeking permanent residence, students over age 16, all foreigners staying longer than one month and foreign spouses.No

* A test performed in the U.S. may be accepted under certain conditions. Check with the embassy or representative office in Washington, D.C. for detailed requirements.