Social Structure

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Section 10

Social Class 3

Charles Tilly

Social Mobility 19

Hartmut Kaelble

The Aristocracy and Gentry 27

Jonathan Dewald

The Middle Classes 39

Margaret R. Hunt

Professionals and Professionalization 57

James C. Albisetti

Students 67

Keith Vernon

Artists 79

Alexander Varias

The Military 97

Michael S. Neiberg

Artisans 107

Peter N. Stearns

The Petty Bourgeoisie 111

Daniel T. Orlovsky

Working Classes 121

Dick Geary

Servants 139

Bridget Hill

Peasants and Rural Laborers 149

Cathy A. Frierson

Slaves 165

Richard Hellie

Marginal People 175

Timothy B. Smith