Rock Edict VIII

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Rock Edict VIII

SOURCE: The Edicts of Aśoka. Edited and translated by N. A. Nikam and Richard McKeon. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1959, p. 37.

In the past, kings used to go on pleasure tours (vihāryātrās). On these tours, they hunted and indulged in other pastimes.

King Priyadarśī, however, became, enlightened in wisdom (sambuddha) ten years after his coronation. Since then his tours have been moral-tours (Dharma-yātrās).

He visits priests and ascetics and makes gifts to them; he visits the aged and gives them money; he visits the people of rural areas, instructing them in Dharma and discussing it with them.

King Priyadarśī takes great pleasure in these tours, far more than could result from other tours.