Yermo, Gabriel de (1757–1813)

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Yermo, Gabriel de (1757–1813)

Gabriel de Yermo (b. 1757; d. 1813), leader of the Mexican coup d'état of 1808. The Sodupe-born Yermo was a rich Spanish merchant and landowner who became the enemy of Viceroy José de Iturrigaray (1742–1815) because of financial matters, specifically, the taxes levied on products Yermo imported. Backed by the Audiencia of Mexico, Yermo and 300 armed men apprehended the viceroy and his family on the night of 15 September 1808. By so doing, they successfully prevented the establishment of the governing junta that the ayuntamiento (city council) proposed and that Iturrigaray appeared to support. Also detained were several members of the ayuntamiento and Fray Melchor de Talamantes (1765–1809).

See alsoMexico, Wars and Revolutions: Coup d'État of 1808 .


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