Women's Studies Center (JERUSALEM)

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A women's organization in Jerusalem.

The Women's Studies Center was established at the initiative of the Women's Action Committee (the women's branch of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) in 1989. The founding members were Siham Barghouthi, Penny Johnson, Amal el-Juaʿabeh, Zahira Kamal, Randa Siniora, and Lisa Taraki. In 1992, the center declared itself an independent nongovernmental organization. It works to promote women's rights and improve their social status through research, training, advocacy, and media research and training. The center has a wide network or relations with local, regional, and international women's organizations and was the coordinator for the Arab Women's Network for many years. It has no relations with Israelis. The center depends on external funding. Due to financial problems it was in the process of being integrated into the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees in 2003.

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Women's Studies Center (JERUSALEM)

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Women's Studies Center (JERUSALEM)