Uriarte–Bayarta Agreement

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Uriarte-Bayarta Agreement

The Uriarte-Bayarta Agreement (correctly the Uriarte-Vallarta Agreement), which established the initial boundary arrangement between Guatemala and Mexico, was signed on 7 December 1877, by Ramón Uriarte, the Guatemalan minister to Mexico, and Ignacio Luis Vallarta, the Mexican foreign minister. The boundary dispute reflected imprecise frontiers between colonial jurisdictions. Guatemala inherited claims to Chiapas and Soconusco from the United Provinces of Central America, contending these districts had been part of the Captaincy-General of Central America. Mexico considered these districts to be part of the Captaincy-General of Yucatán, which became part of Mexico.

The agreement provided for demarcation of the boundary from the port of Ocos to Mount Izbul (Ixbul). Although never ratified, despite several time-limit extensions, the agreement provided the basis for the treaty of 27 September 1882, which established this line as the boundary between Mexico and Guatemala.

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