United Jewish Appeal (UJA)

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The main organization through which U.S. Jews support Jews abroad.

In 1939 the United Palestine Appeal joined with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the National Refugee Service to form the United Jewish Appeal (UJA). Most of what it raises goes to what is now called the United Israel Appeal, which operates through the Jewish Agency in Israel. Funds are also given to support Jewish communities in other parts of the world. The UJA operates through hundreds of federations and welfare funds in the United States.

Between 1939 and 1967 the UJA raised an estimated $1.925 billion, including $147 million in 1948, the year that the state of Israel was created, and $250 million in 1967, when the 1967 War occurred. Nearly $1 billion was distributed to the UJA and its predecessor, the United Palestine Appeal (UPA).

In 1999 the UJA, the United Israel Appeal (UIA), and the Council of Jewish Federations merged to form the United Jewish Communities (UJC). In the same year the UJC was reported to have raised $524 million, making it the seventh-largest charity in the United States. The UJA Federation of New York was reported to have raised $157 million.

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United Jewish Appeal (UJA)

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United Jewish Appeal (UJA)