Shaʿbi Family

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Prominent Yemeni clan.

Originally from al-Shaʿb, Qahtan and Faysal Abd al-Latif al-Shaʿbi were prominent in the origins of the Yemeni branch of the Arab Nationalist Movement as well as the National Liberation Front of South Yemen. Until deposed by more radical elements, Qahtan was president of the People's Republic of South Yemen (19671969), while Faysal served briefly as prime minister and foreign minister. Shortly thereafter, Faysal was assassinated.

Qahtan al-Shaʿbi died in 1976, but other members of the family have been prominent in Yemeni politics since then. Among them is Najib Qahtan alShaʿbi, who was elected to parliament in 1997 and ran as an independent in the presidential election of 1999.

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