Ramos, Artur (1903–1949)

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Ramos, Artur (1903–1949)

Artur Ramos (Arthur Ramos; b. July 1903; d. 31 October 1949), Brazilian anthropologist, psychiatrist, and educator. Trained as a physician, Ramos first wrote psychiatric studies. In 1934 he moved to Rio de Janeiro to establish the psychiatric service of the Department of Education. That year he published O negro brasileiro, primarily a study of religion, and in 1935, O folk-lore negro do Brasil: Demopsychologia e psychanalyse, a study of dance, music, religion, and folktales. These studies explore psychoanalytical interpretations of Afro-Brazilian culture, but his later works emphasize processes of acculturation.

During World War II, Ramos's public career turned toward the application of anthropological research to antiracist propaganda. He founded the Brazilian Society of Anthropology and Ethnology in 1941 and became professor of anthropology at the Faculdade Nacional de Filosofia in Rio de Janeiro in 1946. Ramos died in 1949 while serving as director of the social science department of UNESCO in Paris, where he promoted the postwar UNESCO study of race relations.

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