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Providencia (Providence Island; Old Providence), western Caribbean island, about 440 miles northwest of Cartagena, Colombia, and 110 miles east of Nicaragua. English Puritans of the Providence Company began settling the island in 1629. At first they cultivated tobacco and sugar, but soon many turned to buccaneering. A Spanish fleet expelled the settlers in 1641, but some returned, and it continued to be a buccaneering and privateering base, its population increased by black slaves brought from Jamaica. The Convention of London (1786) recognized Spain's claim to the island, but Providence again became a haven for privateers during the wars for independence, especially for Louis-Michel Aury (1818–1821), when he operated under the flag of Buenos Aires. Colombia claimed the island after independence, and it became a part of the intendancy of San Andrés and Providencia. Its modern economy is based principally on subsistence agriculture and tourism.

See alsoAury, Louis-Michel; Buccaneers and Privateers.


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