Pereira, José Clemente (1786?–1854)

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Pereira, José Clemente (1786?–1854)

José Clemente Pereira (b. 22 February 1786?; d. 12 March 1854), Brazilian politician. Pereira was born in Castello Mendo, Portugal, to a humble family. He graduated in law from the University of Coimbra in 1809. In 1815 he arrived in Brazil, where he began his public career as a magistrate. In 1821 he assumed the post of foreign judge in Rio de Janeiro, which provided him a position of influence over events leading up to Brazilian independence. As president of the Senate of Rio de Janeiro, he delegated the representation of that city of Prince Pedro in the famous Manifesto do fico of 1822, which requested that the prince disregard the orders of the Cortes and remain in Brazil.

After helping to consolidate independence, Pereira was accused of republicanism because of his being a Mason and his defense of more radical liberal ideas. José Bonifacio had him arrested and deported to France. He returned to Brazil in 1824 and occupied various public posts during the empire, including representative in several legislatures, senator (1842), minister of the empire (1828), minister of war (1841), and adviser of state (1850). Besides his activities as a public figure, he stood out in the area of social assistance founding the Hospital of Mercy and the Peter II Hospice. Through his outstanding role in the struggle for Brazilian independence and his political activities, he became one of the builders of the Brazilian nation.

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Pereira, José Clemente (1786?–1854)

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