Páez, Federico (1876–1974)

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Páez, Federico (1876–1974)

Federico Páez (b. 6 June 1876; d. 1974), president of Ecuador (nonelected, 1935–1937). Born in Quito and educated at the École Supérieure des Mines in Paris and the École des Hautes Études Sociales in Brussels, Páez served as deputy of Pichincha (1916–1918) and became minister of public works in 1935 when the military named him interim president. During his administration there were reforms in a number of areas, including the organization, administration, and education of the military; the creation of the Institute of Social Security; and the founding of the Inspection of Public Works. These accomplishments were tarnished by restrictions on civil liberties, an expansion of the secret political police, the suppression of dissent, the persecution of leftists, and rumors that the government favored foreign business interests. Public discontent and divisions within the officer corps led to the resignation of Páez in 1937, turning over the office to General Alberto Enríquez Gallo.

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