O, Genovevo de la (1876–1952)

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O, Genovevo de la (1876–1952)

Genovevo de la O (b. 3 January 1876; d. 12 June 1952), Mexican revolutionary. The leader, in 1910, of an autonomous rebellion in the northwestern corner of the state of Morelos, de la O joined the movement of Emiliano Zapata shortly after the promulgation of the Plan of Ayala in 1911. He soon became one of Zapata's fiercest fighters and most important generals. Because he frequently struck north to the mountainous fringes of Mexico City, de la O was one of the Zapatistas most feared in the capital. In particular, he developed a reputation as a destroyer of trains. After the revolution he pursued a more conventional military career before retiring to his farm in 1941.

See alsoPlan of Ayala; Zapata, Emiliano.


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