National Democratic Front (FDN)

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National Democratic Front (FDN)

The National Democratic Front (Frente Democrático Nacional, or FDN) was a coalition party organized in 1944 by residents of Arequipa. The party opposed the administration of Manuel Prado (1939–1945) and sought to open up the Peruvian political process to include the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA), which had been banned in 1932. Its candidate was José Luis Bustamante I Rivero, a native of Arequipa, who won the election in June 1945 but was deposed by a coup in October 1948 after he and the FDN proved unable to control APRA. This marked the end of the FDN as a political force.


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National Democratic Front (FDN)

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National Democratic Front (FDN)