Milli Görüs Hareketi

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Movement in Turkey that advocated religious education and industrialization.

Milli Görüs Hareketi (National Outlook Movement) was founded by Necmeddin Erbakan and his supporters in the early 1970s. The movement promoted a program of cultural renewal, industrialization, social justice, and moral development as a remedy to social problems caused by secularization and Westernization. It reconstructed Ottoman history to demonstrate the major contribution of the Turks to Islamic civilization and attributed its decline to Westernization. It called for the restoration of Muslim and Turkish national values. The movement stressed religious education and became the defender of Imam Hatip schools, in which religious courses are taught along with other topics. Under the leadership of Erbakan, the National Outlook Movement formed a succession of political parties and participated in three coalition governments in the 1970s; it was the senior partner in the coalition government formed by Erbakan in 1996. The National Outlook Movement also maintains close contacts with Turkish workers in Germany.

see also erbakan, necmeddin.


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