Medieval and Early Christian Philosophy

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In addition to the general article Medieval Philosophy, the Encyclopedia features the following articles having discussions of early Christian and medieval schools and movements: Apologists ; Augustinianism ; Averroism ; Byzantine Philosophy ; Carolingian Renaissance ; Chartres, School of ; Gnosticism ; Ockhamism ; Patristic Philosophy ; Saint Victor, School of ; Scotism ; and Thomism. Particular aspects of early Christian and medieval thought are discussed in the Encyclopedia's general entries, including Ethics, History of ; Islamic Philosophy ; Jewish Philosophy ; Logic, History of ; Metaphysics, History of ; Mysticism, History of ; Semantics, History of ; and Universals, A Historical Survey. See also Christianity ; Illumination ; and Liber de Causis . See "Medieval Philosophy" and "Christianity" in the index for entries on important figures in this area.

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Medieval and Early Christian Philosophy

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