Ganim, Halil

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Ottoman opposition politician and newspaper publisher.

A Lebanese Maronite by birth, Halil Ganim (also Khalil Ghanim) served in the Ottoman parliament in 1877 and 1878. When the parliament was closed, he took up exile in Paris, where his prominent opposition newsletter, La jeune Turquie, soon gave its name to the emerging Young Turk movement. In 1895, Ganim collaborated with Young Turk leader Ahmet Riza, also in Paris, in publishing the first major organ of the cause, Meşveret. In 1901, he published a book against despotism, Les sultans ottomans (The Ottoman sultans). Ganim was one of a very few Arabs prominent in the Young Turk movement. He lived in Paris for the remainder of his life.

See also Ahmet Riza; Young Turks.


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