Gangster No. 1

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Gangster No. 1 ★★½ 2000 (R)

An aging London crime boss—who's only known as Gangster 55 (McDowall)—learns that his mentor Freddie Mays (Thewlis) is just out of prison after a 30year stretch for murder. Flashback to 1968, when a young, ruthless Gangster (a ferocious Bettany) earns his place by taking on Freddie's rivals. Then Gangster be comes jealous of Freddie's girlfriend, Kar en (Burrows), and learns of a plot to rub out Freddie. He plans on setting up his boss and becoming head man but never expects to have to confront his past some day. Based on the play by Louis Mellis and David Scinto. 103m/C VHS, DVD . GB GE Malcolm McDowell, Paul Bettany, David Thewlis, Saffron Burrows, Kenneth Cranham, Jamie Foreman, Eddie Marsan, Andrew Lincoln; D: Paul McGuigan; W: Johnny Ferguson; C: Peter Sova; M: John Dankworth.