Figueroa Larraín, Emiliano (1866–1931)

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Figueroa Larraín, Emiliano (1866–1931)

Emiliano Figueroa Larraín (b. 1866; d. 16 May 1931), lawyer, politician, diplomat, and president of Chile. A member of the Partido Democrático, he served as president twice. Following the death of President Pedro Montt, he occupied the Moneda as interim president from September through December 1910, until the election of Ramón Barros Luco. He was elected to the presidency in 1925, following President Arturo Alessandri Palma's second resignation. His naive attempts to govern, however, were frustrated by the maneuverings of the minister of war, Carlos Ibáñez Del Campo, and in April 1927 Ibáñez forced him to resign his office. Figueroa later represented Chile as ambassador to Peru.

See alsoAlessandri Palma, Arturo; Chile, Political Parties: Democratic Party.


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Figueroa Larraín, Emiliano (1866–1931)

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