Cornejo, Mariano H. (1873–1942)

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Cornejo, Mariano H. (1873–1942)

Mariano H. Cornejo (b. 1873; d. 25 March 1942), one of a group of positivist social scientists in late-nineteenth-century Peru. In 1896 he was appointed to the first chair of sociology at the National University of San Marcos. Cornejo relied upon precepts and convictions learned from European thinkers and adapted them to the society around him. He expressed optimism that an open-ended Peruvian aristocracy that admitted "new blood," together with the nation's scientists, could discover the sociological laws necessary to carry out the task of national progress. He scorned revolutionary change, favoring universal education and gradualism as the keys to national improvement. He denied that either race or class antagonisms governed history and foresaw utilitarian cooperation as a more useful framework of analysis.

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Cornejo, Mariano H. (1873–1942)

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