Cairo Family Planning Association

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egyptian association to promote family planning.

In 1967, the Cairo Family Planning Association (CFPA) was established as a branch of the Egyptian Family Planning Association. Dedicated to the promotion of voluntary family planning, the CFPA advocates for the creation of comprehensive family planning services and health education. The CFPA is comprised of thirty-four associations and, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs, supervises forty-one health centers in Greater Cairo. The CFPA provides technical, administrative, and organizational support to member associations, directs two model reproductive health clinics, and has supervised the renovation of eighteen health centers in Cairo.

The activities of the CFPA are not limited to family planning. Conceptualizing family planning as a human right, the CFPA is also involved in direct service, research, and media campaigns on issues such as infertility, prenatal and pediatric care, and female circumcision. In 1979, the CFPA became a pioneer in the field of female circumcision, establishing the first seminar in Egypt on the subject. Dedicated to combating the practice, the CFPA has conducted studies, sponsored seminars and lectures, and trained health service providers to increase awareness about the detrimental health implications of female circumcision. The CFPA also documents and disseminates information about reproductive health through the production of a quarterly bulletin highlighting news, research findings, and recent publications.

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