Belli, Gioconda (1948–)

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Belli, Gioconda (1948–)

Gioconda Belli (b. 9 December 1948), Nicaraguan poet and novelist. Best known for her autobiographical, erotic, and feminist celebration of sexuality and the female body, Belli has published four books of poetry: Sobre la grama (1974); Línea de fuego (1978), winner of the Cuban Casa de las Américas Prize; Truenos y arcoiris (1982); and De la costilla de Eva (1987; From Eve's Rib, 1993). In testimony to her rising reputation in Central America, all four books were republished together as Poesía reunida (1989). An ardent supporter of the Sandinista revolution, Belli wrote eloquently of the loss of friends and comrades in the fighting. Her first novel, La mujer habitada (1988; The Inhabited Woman, 1994), recounts the struggle of a Latin American woman to transcend the politics of individualistic bourgeois feminism and join the broader historical struggle of all oppressed peoples. Her second novel, Sofía de los presagios (1990), depicts the feminist struggles of a woman in contemporary Nicaragua. In addition to English, much of Belli's work has been translated into German.

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Belli, Gioconda (1948–)

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