Barranca Yaco

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Barranca Yaco

Barranca Yaco, site in the Argentine province of Córdoba where the Federalist chieftain Juan Facundo Quiroga was assassinated on 16 February 1835. Quiroga was returning to Buenos Aires from a mission to the Argentine northwest when an armed band murdered him. An investigation and trial ordered by the Buenos Aires strongman Juan Manuel de Rosas put the blame on the Reinafé brothers, who controlled the province of Córdoba; they were later executed. Rosas's enemies alleged that he himself was behind the crime, hoping to eliminate a potential rival, but there is no evidence to support the charge. However, Rosas used the crime as proof that internal security was in peril and as justification for his own return to the governorship of Buenos Aires with "the Sum of Public Power."

See alsoQuiroga, Juan Facundo .


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