Auchmuty, Samuel (1758–1822)

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Auchmuty, Samuel (1758–1822)

Samuel Auchmuty (b. 22 June 1758; d. 11 August 1822), British general who distinguished himself as a commanding officer in the British army during several key battles with the Spanish in Argentina and Uruguay. Born in New York under British rule, Sir Samuel Auchmuty remained loyal to the throne and fought for the British during the American War of Independence. Auchmuty remained in the armed forces and served in India, Egypt, and, beginning in 1806, Latin America, where he took part in the 1806–1807 British invasion at the Río de la Plata and then commanded the occupation of Montevideo, Uruguay. While in Latin America, Auchmuty also published an anti-Spanish newspaper, La Estrella del Sur, and fought in a failed attack on Buenos Aires in 1807. He died while serving in occupied Ireland.

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