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wool·ly / ˈwoŏlē/ (also wool·y) • adj. (-li·er , -li·est ) 1. made of wool: a red woolly hat. ∎  (of an animal, plant, or part) bearing or naturally covered with wool or hair resembling wool. ∎  resembling wool in texture or appearance: woolly wisps of cloud. 2. vague or confused in expression or character: woolly thinking. ∎  (of a sound) indistinct or distorted: an opaque and woolly recording. • n. (pl. -lies) 1. (usu. woollies) inf. , chiefly Brit. a garment made of wool, esp. a pullover. 2. a sheep. DERIVATIVES: wool·li·ness n. (in sense 2 of the adjective).

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