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with·in / wi[voicedth]ˈin; wiˈ[unvoicedth]-/ • prep. inside (something): the spread of fire within the building. ∎  inside the range of (an area or boundary): a field located within the city. ∎  inside the range of (a specified action or perception): within reach. ∎  not further off than (used with distances): Bob lives within a few miles of Honesdale. ∎  occurring inside (a particular period of time): sold out within two hours 33% were rearrested within two years of their release. ∎  inside the bounds set by (a concept, argument, etc.): full cooperation within the terms of the treaty.• adv. inside; indoors: inquire within. ∎  internally or inwardly: beauty coming from within.PHRASES: within doors indoors.