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where / (h)we(ə)r/ • interrog. adv. in or to what place or position: where do you live? where is she going? ∎  in what direction or respect: where does the argument lead? ∎  in or from what source: where did you read that? ∎  in or to what situation or condition: just where is all this leading us?• relative adv. 1. at, in, or to which (used after reference to a place or situation): I first saw him in Paris, where I lived in the early sixties.2. the place or situation in which: this is where I live. ∎  in or to a place or situation in which: sit where I can see you where people were concerned, his threshold of boredom was low. ∎  in or to any place in which; wherever: he was free to go where he liked.• conj. inf. 1. that: do you see where the men in your life are emotionally unavailable to you? I see where the hotel has changed hands again.2. whereas: where some care-givers burn out, others become too involved.• n. [(prec. by the)] the place; the scene of something (see when n.).