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trash / trash/ • n. discarded matter; refuse. ∎  writing, art, or other cultural items of poor quality: if they read at all, they read trash. ∎  a person or people regarded as being of very low social standing: she would have been considered trash. ∎  nonsense.• v. [tr.] 1. inf. damage or wreck: my apartment's been totally trashed. ∎  discard: they trashed the tapes and sent her back into the studio. ∎  Comput. kill (a file or process) or wipe (a disk): she almost trashed the e-mail window. ∎  criticize severely: trade associations trashed the legislation as deficient. ∎  [as adj.] (trashed) intoxicated with alcohol or drugs: there was pot, there was booze, but nobody really got trashed.2. strip (sugar cane) of its outer leaves to ripen it faster.