Trasler, Gordon Blair

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TRASLER, Gordon Blair

TRASLER, Gordon Blair. British, b. 1929. Genres: Criminology/True Crime, Psychology. Career: Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Southampton, 1994 (Lecturer, 1957-64; Professor, 1964-94; Dean of Social Sciences, 1970-73). Psychologist, H. M. Prisons at Wandsworth and Winchester, England, 1955-57; Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Criminology, 1980-86. Publications: In Place of Parents, 1960; The Explanation of Criminality, 1962; The Shaping of Social Behaviour, 1967; (with J. Bowlby, B. Bernstein, D.M. Downes, P. Leach and C. Hindley) The Formative Years, 1968; (with M. Davies) Research and Penal Practice, 1975; (with D.P. Farrington) Behaviour Modification with Offenders, 1980. Address: Fox Croft, Old Kennels Lane, Oliver's Battery, Winchester SO22 4JT, England. Online address: [email protected]