Trapped 2002

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Trapped ★½ 24 Hours 2002 (R)

Heavy on torture, light on revenge thriller tears a perfect family's lives apart when serial kid nappers snatch their only child. Trapped in different cities at the time, parents Will (Townsend) and Karen (Theron) Jennings are at the mercy of extortionists Bacon, Love and Vince. Vince babysits the child; Love takes on the outoftown Townsend; while Bacon terrorizes mom at their picturesque seaside home. To make matters worse, it is revealed the child is a severe asthmatic. Bacon's efforts to seduce Theron don't help matters. Overly sadistic, pointless, and painfully unwatchable despite slick production values and creepily winning performance by vet Bacon. Based upon Iles's novel “24 Hours.” 105m/C VHS, DVD . US Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Dakota Fanning, Colleen Camp; D: Luis Mandoki; W: Greg Iles; C: Frederick Elmes, Piotr Sobocinski; M: John Ottman.