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tint / tint/ • n. 1. a shade or variety of color: the sky was taking on an apricot tint. ∎  Printing an area of faint even color printed as a halftone, used for highlighting overprinted text. ∎  a set of parallel engraved lines to give uniform shading. ∎  a trace of something: a tint of glamour. 2. an artificial dye for coloring the hair. ∎  an application of such a substance: peering into the mirror to see if any white hair showed after her last tint. • v. [tr.] (usu. be tinted) color (something) slightly; tinge: her skin was tinted with delicate color| [as adj.] (tinted) a black car with tinted windows. ∎  dye (someone's hair) with a tint. DERIVATIVES: tint·er n.