Tinti, Hannah 1973(?)-

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TINTI, Hannah 1973(?)-


Born c. 1973. Education: New York University, M.A. (creative writing).


Office—One Story, P.O. Box 1326, New York, NY 10156. E-mail—[email protected]


Editor and author. Served as editor for periodicals such as Atlantic Monthly, Boston Review, and Washington Square; editor and cofounder of One Story.


Animal Crackers (short stories), Dial Press (New York, NY), 2004.

Contributor of short fiction to various periodicals, including Story, Alaska Quarterly Review, Epoch, Sonora Review, and Story Quarterly.


Resurrection Men, a novel about a gang of grave robbers, for Dial Press (New York, NY).


Author and editor Hannah Tinti is cofounder of the literary magazine One Story, which began circulation in April of 2002. Printed every three weeks, the periodical consists of exactly one short story per issue. Tinti brings her previous experience as an editor for magazines such as Atlantic Monthly and Boston Review to her efforts. In an article for Book, contributor Andrew Bangs quoted Tinti as attributing the magazine's success to the fact that "it seems really personal" because "just Hannah and Maribeth [Batcha, the publisher] … are doing it, … are cranking it out."

An author in her own right, Tinti has contributed short fiction to a number of periodicals. Her first collection of short stories, Animal Crackers, contains eleven stories. Tinti explores relations between humans and animals that range from humorous to disturbing: Giraffes deliver demands for better treatment to their zookeeper, a boy attempts to teach his rabbit to fly, and a woman serves her wandering boyfriend his pet snake for dessert. Critics responded favorably to the collection. In a review for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, John Freeman observed that "like Edgar Allan Poe and Patricia Highsmith, Tinti has a brilliant feel for the uncanny, how it can turn situations inside out and drape our lives in mystery." A Kirkus Reviews contributor noted that "the clearly talented Tinti isn't afraid to take risks, but sometimes she pushes her artfulness a bit too self-consciously." Donna Seaman, reviewing for Booklist, called Tinti's stories "dark and wily, grim yet morbidly fascinating exposures of both our animal selves and our uniquely human psychoses."



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Hannah Tinti's Home Page,http://www.hannahtinti.com (August 27, 2004).*