Tin–Tan (1915–1973)

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Tin-Tan (1915–1973)

Tin-Tan (Germán Valdés Castillo; b. 1915; d. 29 June 1973), Mexican comedian and film star. In 1943, Tin-Tan began a radio career in Ciudad Juárez. Turning to comedy, he performed in various border cities of Mexico and the United States. He made his film debut in 1945 with El hijo desobediente. He went on to star in thirty-eight films and acted in over 100 more. His unique style incorporated slapstick, satire, musical and dance numbers, and a peculiar manner of speech. Among his classic films are Calabacitas tiernas (1948), El rey del barrio (1949), El revoltoso (1951), and El campeón ciclista (1956). Tin-Tan was one of the greatest Mexican film comedians and remains one of the most popular entertainers of all time.

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