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shud·der / ˈshədər/ • v. [intr.] (of a person) tremble convulsively, typically as a result of fear or repugnance: he shuddered with revulsion | fig. I shudder to think of retirement. ∎  (esp. of a vehicle, machine, or building) shake or vibrate deeply: the train shuddered and edged forward. ∎  [usu. as adj.] (shuddering) (of a person's breathing) be unsteady, esp. as a result of emotional disturbance: he drew a deep, shuddering breath.• n. an act of shuddering: the elevator rose with a shudder | fig. the peso's devaluation sent shudders through the market. PHRASES: give someone the shudders inf. cause someone to feel repugnance or fear: it gives me the shudders to hear you use words like that.DERIVATIVES: shud·der·ing·ly adv.shud·der·y adj.