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shuck / shək/ • n. 1. an outer covering such as a husk or pod, esp. the husk of an ear of corn. ∎  the shell of an oyster or clam. ∎  the integument of certain insect pupae or larvae.2. inf. a person or thing regarded as worthless or contemptible: William didn't dig the idea at all and said it was a shuck.• interj. (shucks) inf. used to express surprise, regret, irritation, or, in response to praise, self-deprecation: “Thank you for getting it.” “Oh, shucks, it was nothing.” See also aw-shucks.• v. [tr.] 1. remove the shucks from corn or shellfish: shuck and drain the oysters. ∎ inf. take off (a garment): she shucked off her nightdress and started dressing. ∎ inf. abandon; get rid of: the regime's ability to shuck off its totalitarian characteristics.2. inf. cause (someone) to believe something that is not true; fool or tease.DERIVATIVES: shuck·er n.

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