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re·volt / riˈvōlt/ • v. 1. [intr.] rise in rebellion: the insurgents revolted and had to be suppressed. ∎  refuse to acknowledge someone or something as having authority: voters may revolt when they realize the cost of the measures. ∎  [as adj.] (revolted) archaic having rebelled or revolted: the revolted Bretons.2. [tr.] (often be revolted) cause to feel disgust: he was revolted by the stench that greeted him | [as adj.] (revolting) revolting green scum. ∎  [intr.] archaic feel strong disgust.• n. an attempt to put an end to the authority of a person or body by rebelling: a countrywide revolt against the central government | the peasants rose in revolt. ∎  a refusal to continue to obey or conform: a revolt over tax increases.DERIVATIVES: re·volt·ing·ly adv.