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re·fill • v. / rēˈfil/ [tr.] fill (a container) again: she paused and refilled her glass with wine before going on. ∎  replenish the supply of (medicine called for in a prescription): there's nothing he can do but refill his Valium prescription. ∎  [intr.] (of a container) become full again: the empty pool will rapidly refill from rain and snow.• n. / ˈrēˌfil/ an act of filling a container again: he proffered his glass for a refill. ∎  a container, esp. a glass, that is so filled: the waitress appeared with refills. ∎  a replenished supply of medicine called for in a prescription: an oral contraceptive refill was dispensed.DERIVATIVES: re·fill·a·ble adj.