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re·coup / riˈkoōp/ • v. [tr.] regain (something lost): rains have helped recoup water levels. ∎  regain (money spent or lost), esp. through subsequent profits: oil companies are keen to recoup their investment. ∎  reimburse or compensate (someone) for money spent or lost. ∎  Law deduct or keep back (part of a sum due). ∎  regain (lost physical or mental resources): sleep was what she needed to recoup her strength | [intr.] he's just resting, recouping from the trial. DERIVATIVES: re·coup·a·ble·coup·ment n.ORIGIN: early 17th cent. (as a legal term): from French recouper ‘retrench, cut back,’ from re- ‘back’ + couper ‘to cut.’