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rasp / rasp/ • n. 1. a coarse file or similar metal tool with a roughened surface for scraping, filing, or rubbing down objects of metal, wood, or other hard material.2. [in sing.] a harsh, grating noise: the rasp of the engine.• v. 1. [tr.] scrape (something) with a rasp in order to make it smoother. ∎  (of a rough surface or object) scrape (something, esp. someone's skin) in a painful or unpleasant way. ∎  (rasp something away/off) remove something by scraping it off.2. [intr.] make a harsh, grating noise: my breath rasped in my throat. ∎  [with direct speech] say in a harsh, grating voice: “Stay where you are!” he rasped.DERIVATIVES: rasp·er n.rasp·ing·ly adv.rasp·y adj.

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