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RASSEGNA MENSILE DI ISRAEL, LA , Italian Jewish review founded by Alfonso *Pacifici in 1925 as a monthly supplement to the weekly newspaper Israel. It dealt with Jewish history and contemporary Jewish life from the traditional point of view. Its editor until 1938 was Guido *Bedarida, but it became most effective under the direction, until 1965, of Dante *Lattes. From 1965 the review was directed by Yoseph *Colombo. The Rassegna was closed by the Fascist government in 1938, but reappeared in 1948 and in time regained its importance. For the centenary of Samuel David *Luzzatto in 1966, a special number of 300 pages was issued.

[Yoseph Colombo]

It was followed by another special number of 400 pages for the centenary of Dante Lattes' birth in 1976. In the course of the years the Rassegna tried to express in the best possible way the cultural recrudescences of an Italian Hebraism during a process of radical transformation under the influence of new Jewish migratory waves coming mostly from Libya, on the one hand, and the influence of circumstances that are extrinsic to the local Jewish situation. These phenomena were specifically connected to Italian political and social life, mostly involving, in broad terms, the vicissitudes of Italian public opinion in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict. After the editorship of Augusto Segre (1975–1979) the Rassegna was distinguished chiefly as a publication with a high-quality scholarly content, published by the Italian Jewish Communities Union.

[Massimo Longo Adorno (2nd ed.)]


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Rassegna Mensile di Israel, la

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