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qui·et / ˈkwīət/ • adj. (qui·et·er , qui·et·est ) 1. making little or no noise: the car has a quiet, economical engine I was as quiet as I could be, but he knew I was there. ∎  (of a place, period of time, or situation) without much activity, disturbance, or excitement: the street below was quiet, little traffic braving the snow. ∎  without being disturbed or interrupted: all he wanted was a quiet drink. 2. carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderation: we wanted a quiet wedding I'll have a quiet word with him. ∎  (of a person) tranquil and reserved by nature; not brash or forceful: his quiet, middle-aged parents. ∎  expressed in a restrained or understated way: Molly spoke with quiet confidence. ∎  (of a color or garment) unobtrusive; not bright or showy.• n. absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm: the ringing of the telephone shattered the early morning quiet. ∎  freedom from disturbance or interruption by others: he understood her wish for peace and quiet. ∎  a peaceful or settled state of affairs in social or political life: after several months of comparative quiet, the scandal reerupted in August.• v. make or become silent, calm, or still: [tr.] there are ways of quieting kids down | [intr.] the journalists quieted down as Judy stepped on to the dais.PHRASES: do anything for a quiet lifesee life.keep quiet (or keep someone quiet) refrain or prevent someone from speaking or from disclosing something secret.keep something quiet (or keep quiet about something) refrain from disclosing information about something; keep something secret.on the quiet inf. without anyone knowing or noticing; secretly or unobtrusively. (as) quiet as the gravesee grave1 . (as) quiet as a mouse (of a person or animal) extremely quiet or docile.DERIVATIVES: qui·et·ly adv.qui·et·ness n.