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pre·view / ˈprēˌvyoō/ • n. an inspection or viewing of something before it is bought or becomes generally known and available: you can get a sneak preview of the pictures on sale. ∎  a showing of a movie, play, exhibition, etc., before its official opening. ∎  a short extract shown in a movie theater as publicity for a forthcoming film. ∎  a commentary on or appraisal of a forthcoming film, play, book, etc., based on an advance viewing. ∎  Comput. a facility for inspecting the appearance of a document prepared in a word-processing or other program before it is printed.• v. [tr.] display (a product, movie, play, etc.) before it officially goes on sale or opens to the public: the company will preview an enhanced version of its database. ∎  see or inspect (something) before it is used or becomes generally available: the teacher should preview teaching aids to ensure that they are at the right level. ∎  comment on or appraise (a forthcoming event) in advance: next week we'll be previewing the new season.

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