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nor / nôr/ • conj. & adv. 1. used before the second or further of two or more alternatives (the first being introduced by a negative such as “neither” or “not”) to indicate that they are each untrue or each do not happen: they were neither cheap nor convenient the sheets were never washed, nor the towels, nor his shirts. ∎  [as adv.] poetic/literary term for neither: nor God nor demon can undo the done. 2. used to introduce a further negative statement: the struggle did not end, nor was it any less diminished. 3. [conj. or prep.] archaic or dial. than: she thinks she knows better nor me. • n. (usu. NOR) Electr. a Boolean operator that gives the value one if and only if all operands have a value of zero and otherwise has a value of zero. ∎  (also NOR gate) a circuit that produces an output signal only when there are no signals on any of the input connections.