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mix / miks/ • v. [tr.] combine or put together to form one substance or mass: peppercorns are sometimes mixed with other spices for a table condiment these two chemicals, when mixed together, literally explode. ∎  [intr.] (of different substances) be able to be combined in this way: oil and water don't mix. ∎  make or prepare by combining various ingredients: mixing concrete is hard physical work. ∎  (esp. in sound recording) combine (two or more signals or soundtracks) into one: up to eight tracks can be mixed simultaneously. ∎  produce (a sound signal or recording) by combining a number of separate signals or recorded soundtracks: it took two years to mix his album. ∎  juxtapose or put together to form a whole whose constituent parts are still distinct: he continues to mix an offhand sense of humor with a sharp insight. ∎  [intr.] (of a person) associate with others socially: the people he mixed with were nothing to do with show business. ∎  (mix it or mix it up) inf. be belligerent verbally or physically, esp. with one's fists.• n. [usu. in sing.] two or more different qualities, things, or people placed, combined, or considered together: the decor is a mix of antique and modern. ∎  a group of people of different types within a particular society or community: the school has a good social mix. ∎  a commercially prepared mixture of ingredients for making a particular type of food or a product such as concrete: cake mixes have made cooking easier. ∎  the proportion of different people or other constituents that make up a mixture: arriving at the correct mix of full-time to part-time staff pants made from a cotton and polyester mix. ∎  a version of a recording in which the component tracks are mixed in a different way from the original: a dance mix version of “This Charming Man.” ∎  an image or sound produced by the combination of two separate images or sounds.PHRASES: be (or get) mixed up in be (or become) involved in (something regarded as dubious or dishonest): Steve was mixed up in an insurance swindle.be (or get) mixed up with be (or become) associated with (someone unsuitable or unreliable).mix and match select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set: mix and match this season's colors for a combination that says winter | [as adj.] a mix-and-match menu. mix one's drinks drink different kinds of alcohol in close succession.PHRASAL VERBS: mix something up spoil the order or arrangement of a collection of things: disconnect all the cables, mix them up, then try to reconnect them.mix someone/something up ∎  confuse someone or something with another person or thing: I'd got her mixed up with her sister.DERIVATIVES: mix·a·ble adj.