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look / loŏk/ • v. [intr.] 1. direct one's gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction: people were looking at him | they looked up as he came quietly into the room. ∎  (of a building or room) have a view or outlook in a specified direction: the principal rooms look out over Nahant Bay. ∎  (look through) ignore (someone) by pretending not to see them: he glanced up once but looked right through me. ∎  [tr.] dated express or show (something) by one's gaze: Poirot looked a question. ∎  (look something over) inspect something quickly with a view to establishing its merits: they looked over a property on Ryer Avenue. ∎  (look through) peruse (a book or other written material): we looked through all the books, and this was still the one we liked best. ∎  (look round/around) move around (a place or building) in order to view whatever it might contain that is of interest: he spent the morning and afternoon looking around Cambridge. ∎  (look at/on) think of or regard in a specified way: I look at tennis differently from some coaches. ∎  (look at) examine (a matter, esp. a problem) and consider what action to take: a committee is looking at the financing of PBS. ∎  (look into) investigate: the police looked into his business dealings. ∎  (look for) attempt to find: Howard has been looking for you. ∎  ascertain with a quick glance: people finishing work don't look where they're going.2. have the appearance or give the impression of being: her father looked unhappy | the home looked like a prison| [as adj. , in comb.] (-looking) a funny-looking guy. ∎  (look like) inf. show a likelihood of: it doesn't look like you'll be moving to Brooklyn. ∎  (look oneself) appear one's normal, healthy self: he just didn't look himself at all.3. (look to) rely on to do or provide something: she will look to you for help. ∎  hope or expect to do something: universities are looking to expand their intakes. ∎  archaic take care; make sure: Look ye obey the masters of the craft.• n. 1. an act of directing one's gaze in order to see someone or something: let me get a closer look. ∎  an expression of a feeling or thought by such an act: Brenton gave me a funny look. ∎  a scrutiny or examination: the government should be taking a look at the amount of grant the council receives.2. the appearance of someone or something, esp. as expressing a particular quality: the bedraggled look of the village. ∎  (looks) a person's facial appearance considered aesthetically: he had charm, good looks, and an amusing insouciance. ∎  a style or fashion: Italian designers unveiled their latest look.• interj. (also look here!) used to call attention to what one is going to say: “Look, this is ridiculous.”PHRASES: look one's age appear to be as old as one really is.look alivesee lively.look daggers atsee dagger.look down one's nose atanother way of saying look down on.look for troublesee trouble.look someone in the eye (or face) look directly at someone without showing embarrassment, fear, or shame.look livelysee lively.look the other way deliberately ignore wrongdoing by others: they do look the other way at corrupt practices here.look sharp be quick.look smallsee small.look to the future consider and plan for what is in the future, rather than worrying about the past or present.look someone up and down scrutinize someone carefully.PHRASAL VERBS: look after take care of: women who stay at home to look after children.look back1. think of the past: don't waste time looking back on things that have caused you distress.2. suffer a setback or interrupted progress: she launched her own company in 1981 and has never looked back.look down on regard (someone) with a feeling of superiority.look forward to await eagerly: we look forward to seeing you.look in make a short visit or call: I will look in on you tomorrow.look on watch without getting involved: Cameron was looking on and making no move to help.look out [usu. in imper.] be vigilant and take notice: “Look out!” warned Billie, seeing a movement from the room beyond look out for the early warning signals.look up (of a situation) improve: things seemed to be looking up at last.look someone up inf. make social contact with someone.look something up search for and find a piece of information in a reference book.look up to have a great deal of respect for (someone): he needed a model, someone to look up to.