Look Both Ways

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Look Both Ways ★★ 2005 (PG-13)

In Watt's first feature-length film, she examines our fears of dying and death. Artist Meryl (Clarke) is constantly imagining disasters (depicted in animated sequences), but then she witnesses a real tragedy—a man getting killed by a train. Local photographer Nick (McInnes), who's just been told he has cancer, takes a picture of the man's anguished widow, which is printed on the newspaper's front page along with reporter Andy's (Hayes) somewhat brutal story. Nick and Meryl make a tentative connection while struggling with fear, loneliness, hope, and forgiveness. The secondary characters and their problems (including an unplanned pregnancy) are a distraction but the film's overall quirkiness tends to work well. 100m/C DVD . AU Justine Clarke, Anthony Hayes, Andrew S. Gilbert, Daniela Farinacci, William McInnes, Lisa Flanagan, Maggie Dence, Sacha Horler, Edwin Hodgeman; D: Sarah Watt; W: Sarah Watt; C: Ray Argall; M: Amanda Brown.